Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New players! Also, a painting challange.

So, attempts to lure some guys at work into picking up the game are slowly producing fruit. One of them came over last Saturday, and I walked him through the basic rules, and pushed some models around the floor. He seemed to be picking things up quickly enough, so I lent him my 5th rule book and the Ork Codex. He seemed really into the Orks, which should be cool. I told him to pick up Black Reach, and he seemed receptive to the idea.

Anyway, fast forward a few days, and now we are meeting over at a different work friend's house, as others want to participate in the learning session. This is perfect; a chance to show the game off, and help guide new players in, while doing really basic level rules teaching.

I told him to attempt to build a basic 500 point Ork list. The plan is for me to bring terrain and 2-3 500 point armies to fight against. I'm thinking a Suit filled Tau list, as he mentioned that his brother might be interested in something along those lines, along with a Tyrant/'fex 'Nid list, showing it off and perhaps getting someone interested in buying it, perhaps. Old codex, but whatever. I could do PDFs, but I suspect the physical version of the rules will help A LOT here.

The last list I figured would be the 'boss' list, so it's time for the ladies. An Immolator and two Rhinos should do the trick, filled to the brim with power armor. The Immo's got Linked Heavy Bolters, and the Palatine has a Combi-flamer, but otherwise it's all Bolters. We'll see, though I've found that this is about... 25 points under the maximum number of 3+ saves (T3, too, but whatever) that you can fit into said transports.

I have a self challenge for myself that I'm curious to see if I can do. I'm off tomorrow, and otherwise have two mornings between now and Saturday. I'm curious to see if I can have a entirely painted 500 point Sisters list by then... By my rough count, I have somewhere near 10-15 Sisters and a Immolator to paint. Previously, it's taken me 1-2 hours to paint one Battle Sister, so we'll see...