Sunday, February 17, 2013

Three 2+/5++ dudes...

Ok, been working on building up my Terminators. Me being me, I can't just build a box without kitbashing a little. Luckily, I've a big bag of bits I bought from the OLD GK models; I've been mixing and matching everything. I really like the plastic kits, though, because they give you so many little bits to play with. When I'm done, I should have... 17ish terminators, from the 3ed metals, 5th ed plastics, and Black Reach conversions. Here's what I got built last night. Master crafted Hammer/Storm Bolter, who I'll use as Mordrak when needed : Mordrak A Black Reach terminator, with his chest and face cleaned up to look more like a GK : GK And another Black Reach termi, who's got a cleaned chest, face, and arm swap. I think the axe arm used to be a Chaplin's crozius, but I just swapped the axe head in : GK

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